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Demo Program

2014/2015 Demo Skis 

How do you demo skis?

It's easy!  Just stop in the Tech Center, located right at the bottom of the Green lift, and sign up for the day.  Try as many as you like - all day long - all tuned, waxed and fitted to your boots by our trained Crew.  Nearly 100 pair of high performance skis are just one step from the "Midwest's Best Snow", right out the front door of the Nub's Nob Technology Center.  Our expert staff will help narrow your choices and pick the appropriate skis to test for your size and ability.  Then it's up to you!

How much does it cost?  

  • Full Day,  9 to 4:30pm - $50     
  • Four Hour - $35
  • Night- $35
What skis do we have for you to Demo?  Take a look!
Blizzard Bonafide   180    Radius- 21    Sidecut- 133-98-118   

The darling of ski testers world wide, the Bonafide is back again for 2015. Unbeatable in the 98mm waist category and the most versatile ski in the Freeride line-up, the Bonafide isn't just a Jack-of-all-Trades, it's a Master. Whether east coast ice, firm fast groomers, back bowl crud, bumps in Taos, or Sierra cement, this ski will take you there no matter what the conditions. Flipcore construction, two sheets of metal, rocker tip, camber underfoot, and an early rise tail make this ski truly high performance yet easy to ski. Try a pair for yourself and feel the advantage.

Blizzard Brahma   180   125-88-110
The Brahma from Blizzard is back this season as a fantastic ski for aggressive or heavier experts that are looking for a well rounded ski that can make short to medium radius turns at fast and ultra fast speeds. The solid wood core of the Brahma has 2.5 sheets of titanium pack a powerful punch for carving, or blowing through the bumps and crud. There is two full length sheets with an extra half sheet over the binding mounting platform add to the power and stiffness of this bad boy. Blizzard's Flipcore 3D Rocker Construction uses wood that is put into the press upside down so it is not broken, to keep a damp, powerful feel. At 88mm at the waist the Brahma is best suited for on trial skiing, but still has the width and maneuverability to be one of the best bump skis on the market today. If you are looking for a powerful ski that that makes short to medium radius turns, that is very stable no matter how fast you ski, but is still a riot to ski in the bumps, the Blizzard Brahma is your stallion.

Blizzard Latigo    177     115/78/102

 In a world where skis have been getting wider and wider the last 10 years, it is refreshing to see a new ski less than 80mm underfoot with toughness. Enter the all new Blizzard Latigo. Made with the same burly construction as its much larger brothers, the Latigo is a really fun ski for ripping groomers, and pounding zipper lines through the bumps. A solid wood core with 2.5 sheets of titanium gives the Latigo some serious horsepower. Two of the sheets run the full length of the ski, while the extra half sheet is located underneath the mounting platform. Blizzard's Flipcore 3D rocker is made with the wood placed in the press upside down, so it is not broken. This unbroken wood is what gives Blizzard skis a very damp and powerful feel. At 78mm underfoot the Latigo is a carving ski, with a freeride rocker profile that gives you a ski that has a very unique feeling. Vertical sidewalls only add to the toughness of this bucking bronco, by giving you very strong edge hold on the groomers, and a powerful torsional strength. East Coasters and Midwesterners that have been wanting a narrow ski, but with a ultra powerful construction, the all new Blizzard Latigo will remind you how fun a skinny ski can be.


Blizzard X-POWER 810 TI IQ         174      125/81/108

        Looking for the most powerful option in a versatile frontside ski? The X Power 810 is all-new for 2015 representing a new paradigm in hard snow versatility. The 81mm waist is now coupled with Blizzards IQ integrated binding system, which gives a huge sweet spot to a traditional cambered ski body with 2mm of early rise in the tip. The full wood core, vertical sidewall and two sheets of titanal also give this ski an amazing blend of grip, power and smoothness. Perhaps the most intriguing technology on the 810 is the use of 3Matrix sidecut technology. 3Matrix features a blend of radii (T-16m W-20m T-16m) to give the ski a very easy, yet dynamic start to the turn, a solid and predictable feel during the apex of the turn, with a clean yet energetic finish. The other benefit is that it allows the user to vary turn shapes very easily, and if you just want to let off the gas and take in the view, the ski won’t demand much at all. Never before have we had such a high performance blend that it is still easy and relaxed when you ask it to be.

Blizzard X-POWER 770 TI IQ          174         123/77/105

  One of the best values in the Frontside collection, the 770Ti brings an amazing blend of new technology with classic performance to the table. Blizzards’ IQ system allows the ski to flex deeply, creating a huge sweet spot that maintains precision while still being super easy to use for a wide range of skiers and conditions. The 770 Ti utilizes 3Matrix side cut technology to make the ski relaxed when you want it, dynamic when you need it. The classic, full vertical sidewalls give the ski amazing edge grip, while a wood and isocore blend combined with two sheets of titanal keep the ride smooth and predictable. At a nimble 77mm underfoot you’ll be hard fought to find a more versatile value in the X-Power series.


Blizzard POWER 800             174       120/72/104

 A frontside ripper that will keep you on your toes. Super fun and fast at high speed turns.


Blizzard Viva 810 Ti Womens          160      125/81/108

The Blizzard Viva 810 IQ is a ski made for ladies that enjoy blasting down the frontside as fast as they can, and can never go fast enough. Slight tip rocker make this rocket ship engage into turns quickly as everyone else in your group tries to keep up with you. A solid wood core with a layer of titanium provides the Viva 810 with a damp and powerful feeling that enjoys speed and aggressive carvers. The IQ binding system delivers power right to your skis, and has only one screw connecting the system to the ski, that will give you a deep and even flex. If you want an ultra fast ski that only feels better the faster you ski, the Blizzard Viva 810 is the ski for you.

Blizzard Viva 770 TI IQ           146     153          123/77/105

  The women’s 7.7Ti is a fantastically easy cruiser yet won’t let you down even when the conditions do. 77mm waist, traditional camber with early rise tip, women’s specific iso/wood core, along with women’s 3Matrix sidecut make this ski light and sassy, but the Integrated Blizzard IQ binding system along with vertical sidewalls give this ski incredible hard snow performance with a huge sweet spot. Probably the biggest spectrum of end users of any of our frontside skis, the Viva 770Ti pleases intermediates to ex-racers. 

Blizzard Viva 400 IQ           146       120/73/104

The perfect ski for when you are ready to progress into your first set of skis. The 73mm waist is perfect for giving the user a stable platform and yet is still easy edge-to-edge. The lightweight ski features a generous sidecut and integrated Blizzard IQ bindings which make this ski's sweet spot bigger than its competition's. We also add partial vertical sidewall to give this ski great edge grip. This ski is designed to inspire confidence, encourages rapid progression and a memorable time at your favorite mountain.   

Dynastar SPEED COURSE PRO R20 RACING            165       172      178           125/74/106

The SPEED COURSE PRO is a GS-inspired frontside ski, delivering race-level power with accessible carving performance for technical frontside skiers. Early Rise tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines. World Cup sandwich construction, titanal laminates, full-length vertical sidewalls and the R20 Racing plate deliver optimum precision, balance, stability and edge grip. The deeper sidecut and more forgiving flex allows rounder, more versatile turn shapes for carving fast, powerful turns down hardpack and groomers.


 Dynastar SPEED COURSE WC R20 RACING         182          105/68/89

The SPEED COURSE WC RACING is the World Cup GS ski designed for strong U16 athletes. Early Rise tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while Cascade Tip technology improves swing weight and delivers full-length edge grip. The Course WC features World Cup titanal sandwich construction and the new R20 Racing plate for optimum precision, balance and power for strong, lightweight athletes. 100% Racing

Dynastar CR 72 PRO XPRESS              165     172          125/72/106

  The CHROME 72 PRO XPRESS combines race‐level precision with accessible carving performance for intermediate to advanced skiers making shorter turn shapes. The subtle Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation while classic camber through the rest of the ski delivers explosive power, stability and edge grip for confident hard snow performance. The CR 72 Pro features the tool-free Xpress binding system, the lightest high-performance binding system on the market, to deliver a user-friendly on-trail ski that's less fatiguing and more fun. 100% On-Trail Int.

Dynastar CR 74 FLUID X             165     172     178         124/74/106

Born from race technology, the CHROME 74 combines race‐level power with accessible carving performance for advanced to expert skiers making versatile turn shapes. The subtle Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation while classic camber through the rest of the ski delivers explosive power, stability and edge grip for confident hard snow performance. Torsion Control technology offers smooth, clean, turn entry and exit, while titanal sandwich construction adds increased power, balance and stability. 100% On-Trail Int.

Dynastar Powertrack 84 FLUID X         169     176           123/84/106

This is "all-mountain" unchained. The all-new POWERTRACK 84 introduces a new era of all-mountain performance for expert to advanced skiers. Combining the best elements of modern freeride and all-mountain ski design, this breakthrough new one-ski-quiver provides a huge sweet spot, keeping you firmly balanced in the driver's seat across all terrain and snow conditions. Moderate tip and tail rocker provides effortless balance, float, and control through variable snow, while traditional camber underfoot retains the power, energy, and edge grip for solid hard-snow performance. A progressive five-point sidecut allows for powerful carved turns that engage quickly and release with ease in any snow condition, providing the consistent yet playful versatility and control that sets a new all-mountain standard. Equal parts power and playfulness, maneuverability and control, Powertrack delivers the well-rounded, freeride-inspired performance to make the entire mountain your playground.

Dynastar Powertrack 89 FLUID X         172     179         126/89/110

Made with Full Length Vertical Sidewalls, and Sandwich Laminate Construction the Powertrack 89 has a sturdy feeling and great edge hold on any type of snow condition. The All Mountain Rocker has camber underfoot to deliver power and rebound, rocker in the tip improves float and turn initiation, and rocker in the tail gives you a great feeling off the groomers. The 5 Point Sidecut of the Powertrack 89 improves the on and off trail performance by giving you more maneuverability and control anywhere on the mountain. If you want a well rounded ski for primarily on trial skiing with some off trail versatility the Dynastar Powertrack 89 will be a great choice.

Dynastar Neva 78 XPRESS          152     159         126/78/105

The NEVA 78 XPRESS features innovative new women-specific technology, delivering more comfortable and intuitive all-mountain performance for intermediate to advanced skiers. The new Infinity Sidecut offers smooth, easy steering for effortless control and confident full‐length edge grip. A lightweight paulownia core and new Natural Stance compliment a woman's physiology, delivering a more natural feel for increased comfort and reduced fatigue. Moderate tip and tail rocker enhances the natural, do‐it‐all feel, allowing effortless maneuverability and enhanced control in all snow conditions.

Dynastar Elite Light FLUID          153     159         121/72/105

The new ELITE LIGHT is a race-inspired, high-performance women's on-trail ski for expert to advanced skiers. Traditional camber and lightweight sandwich wood core construction deliver enhanced precision, balance, stability and edge grip without the additional weight of metal laminates. S4 Technology is specifically tailored to women, providing easier turn initiation and enhanced control. The Elite Light delivers exhilarating hard-snow performance for carving fast, powerful turns on hardpack and groomers.



Dynastar Active XPRESS         153     158          126/74/104

 The ACTIVE XPRESS is a versatile, lightweight women's on-trail ski for advanced skiers. S4 Technology is specifically tailored to women and combines with Early Rise tip rocker, providing easier steering, full-length edge grip, and more natural balance for increased control on or off-trail. The sandwich sidewall construction underfoot provides confident edge grip while cap construction at the tip and tail helps ease turn entry and exit. Featuring the lightest high performance binding system on the market, the tool-free Xpress system, the Active delivers user-friendly on-trail performance that's less fatiguing and more fun.
K2 AMP Bolt   172      125-72-99    

K2’s flagship precision piste performance ski is the ultimate carving tool for making medium to long-radius turns at high speeds on firmer snow pack. The combination of a rock solid construction, shape and profile ensures unshakeable hold and expert accuracy without any hesitancy.


K2 AMP 76TI          163     170          120/76/105

Built with a Metal Laminate ski construction, the AMP 76 Ti all-mountain ski matches your emerging skills with confidence and control. Designed on a resort-friendly 76mm chassis, this ski is ready for you to take it across the entire mountain.

K2 AMP Rictor 90 XTi          177          132/90/115

The K2 AMP Rictor 90XTi will take you to the most challenging black diamonds on the frontside as well as the freestyle fun of the powdery sidecountry. At 90mm, this wide K2 ski is versatile so you can perform where you want. The RoX technology gives the Rictor 90XTi torsional power without adding extra weight to the ski by having an x-shaped carbon web along the mid body of the ski. The metal laminate along with the Hybritech Sidewalls will give you all of the stability that is required of a ski of this caliber. Those dual titanium layers will help increase your speed so you can really live and enjoy every second flying down the mountain. If you want to head out to the sidecountry, there are Skin Grommets which will allow you to attach skins easily. You want to hit the sidecountry in the morning then head back to the frontside in the afternoon, make sure you have a pair of skis that will get you everywhere you want to go. The K2 Rictor 90 XTi Skis were made for it all.

K2 Potion 74 Xti Womens          153     160         121/74/107

The K2 Potion 74XTi is a go to ski for ladies that are looking for speed and control on the frontside. Made with K2's Speed Rocker the Potion 74XTi is very quick edge to edge and loves to make short to medium radius turns. Metal Laminates and Hybritech Sidewalls deliver a firm edge and stability at speed or firm snow. The MOD Technology has the ultimate vibration dampening system to provide you with a smooth ride, even at top speed. K2's Bioflex 3 Core is woman's specific to give you power and stability, without causing you to over exert yourself.

K2 Potion 80 XTi Womens          153     160         127/80/109

The K2 Potion 80 XTi Skis were made for the skier that wants true all-mountain performance with a dark and mysterious style to match. The 80mm waist is perfect for everything from the freshly groomed trails to the powdery terrain. Built with Hybritech Sidewalls, you'll have a cap construction in the tip and tail to help you ease into and out of turns while the sidewall on the majority of the ski will give you powerful edge hold on the snow. The BioFlex 3 wood core is a combination of strength and power yet finesse. Toss in metal laminate and you'll be speeding your way down the frontside. Tip rocker with camber underfoot will keep your tips on top of the snow and make your new ski initiate a turn easier on the hard pack. You'll have lots of stability, predictability and energy all throughout. Keeping your feet and knees in check is Mod Technology which is made to dampen vibrations so that you have less fatigue and greater control.

K2 Annex 98        177         131/98/119

The K2 Annex 98 is a one ski does it all for the lighter or lesser aggressive skier that wants true all mountain versatility. The 98mm waist is very easy to steer and maneuver in just about any condition. The wood core with a metal laminate has the perfect mix of power and forgiveness for the advanced to expert skier that is looking for versatility. K2's All Mountain Rocker can make anywhere you ski easier. Taper in the tips and tails gives you a hook free feeling when the snow can get deep or cruddy by not getting caught up or releasing you easier from turns. K2 has tip and tail hardware to make it simple for you to attach your climbing skins to for a quick run in the BC if you want. If you are looking for a ski that can head into the wide open bowls, carve up the groomers, and zip through the bumps the K2 Annex 98 will be a great ski for you.

Nordica Fire Arrow 76 Ti         168     176         126/76/111

Nordica's Fire Arrow 76 Ti is a lightning quick ski from edge to edge on short to medium radius turns. The Fire Arrow shape boasts a slalom tip, with a GS sidecut with a squared off tail. The shape of the Firearrow enables you to roll into a turn ultra fast, stay stable, even at high speeds and at max speed, and the squared off tail propels you into your next turn. Nordica's Frontside camRock will initiate a turn ultra quick for you, while the camber underfoot will give you stability and edge hold, with a vertical sidewall giving you unmatched edge hold.

Nordica NRGy 90         169     177         126/90/110

The all new Nordica NRGy 90 is a great ski for the advanced to expert skier that wants a ski that will surf down the groomers making medium to long radius turns. The All Mountain camRock has camber underfoot that will give you rebound, and grip on the snow, and the rockered tip will help you enter turns very easily, keep you on top of the fresh snow, and absorb negative vibrations from bumps and crud. A flared tail will help you exit turns effortlessly, making the NRGy 90 a great ski for charging the mogul runs. A Titanium Bridge is placed in all of the right places to deliver power and torsional strength to the ski, but does not cause it to be too heavy that will cause you to fatigue too early in the day. Nordica's vertically laminated wood i-Core has a very poppy, springy feeling causing the NRGy 90 to have the perfect mix of liveliness and stability.
Nordica Avenger 82         170     178         128/82/112
Early rise in the tip for ease of initiation and an EVO system for incredible control make the Avenger 82 EVO one of the most versatile skis an active recreationalist could ever want. It also adds enhanced steerability to easily explore the bumps, groomed and off-piste.

Nordica Wild Belle Womens         161          124/88/108


The Nordica Wild Belle is a great ski for the ladies who will do just about anything on the mountain. Nordica's Wi-Core is made just for the ladies by having vertically laminated wood that drop the total weight of the Wild Belle by 20%. The i-Core has a very snappy feeling to it that makes the ski stable at high speed, and very quick to turn when you want it to. At 88mm underfoot the Wild Belle will be able to venture off trail, zip through the bumps, and be very carveable on the groomers. Vertical Sidewalls add some torsional strength, and improve the edge hold on firm snow to give you a ski that will be responsive and stable anywhere you will take it. The Wild Belle is built with All Mountain camRock that has rocker in the tip to keep you on top of the snow, and engage you into your turns more efficient than ever. Camber underfoot will provide you will a good, firm edge in between the bumps or even on an icy groomer.



Nordica Belle to Belle Womens          153     161          114/78/98

The Belle to Belle from Nordica is an awesome ski for the ladies who like skiing from first chair to last on the groomed trails. The 78mm waist is great for carving short to medium radius turns, but can handle light powder, and the Belle to Belle is very maneuverable in bump skiing. Nordica's women's specific i-Core has vertically laminated wood that keeps the weight of the ski low, but the Belle to Belle is very stable at medium to fast speeds, and it has a very snappy feeling throughout your turns. Nordica's All Mountain camRock Rocker Profile has camber on most of the ski that will give you a firm and deliberate edge on the snow, with rocker in the tip that will initiate turns quickly and absorb vibrations from bumpy snow, so you will have a smoother ride. Vertical Sidewalls will give you a fantastic grip on the snow, and improve you edge hold if it gets icy.



Nordica First Belle Womens          154          128/82/112

The Nordica First Belle is a great ski for the beginner to mellow intermediate that is looking for a ski that will have smooth and easy turns with a versatile waist width. At 82mm underfoot you will have a ski that will be very easy to initiate turns, and be very stable for you when the snow can get cruddy or bumpy. Nordica's camRock All Mountain Profile has camber underfoot for you to have a stable feeling as you make turns, and a small amount of tip rocker to initiate turns easily for you as you cruise down the groomers. Partial Sidewall Construction has good edge hold underfoot, right where you want it, and cap construction in the tip and tail that will keep you more maneuverable, and forgiving.

Nordica Drive Womens          152             130/78/108        
Balance, confidence, versatility and support. A ski specially designed to help recreational skiers go anywhere on the mountain. With just the right amount of early rise for easy turn initiation and an EVO plate for improved control, this is the perfect mix of fun and performance.


Hero Elite LT Ti         176         115-69-96
The new HERO Elite LT Ti is a full-throttle, recreational GS ski for technical and race league skiers. New Prop Technology provides more adaptive torsional flex for increased control, smoother turn initiation, superior power transfer, and improved edge contact. Power Turn tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while the World Cup titanal sandwich construction delivers rock-solid stability with a modern, GS carving sidecut. A powerful, precise and perfectly balanced carving machine 
Pursuit HP Ti         170     177          125-81-111
World Cup technology and titanal laminate construction provides rock-solid stability and confident edge grip. Power Turn Rocker combines subtle tip rocker with traditional camber, delivering the explosive power of World Cup race skis combined with more playful carving. A new Diamond Tip for quick, clean turn initiation allows faster, more aggressive lines. 


Pursuit 12 Ti          170     177        125-70-105 
Power Turn Rocker combines subtle tip rocker with traditional camber, delivering the explosive power of World Cup race skis combined with more playful carving. A new Diamond Tip provides quick, clean turn initiation. The Pursuit 12 Ti delivers shorter turn shapes and exhilirating, groomed snow performance for frontside skiers 


Experience 77D  CA        168         122-77-110
With the heart of a frontside carver and an easy freeride feel, the Experience 77 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol's award-winning Air Tip technology; longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control - 


Experience 84D CA          170     178          133-84-120

With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and effortless freeride feel, the new Experience 84 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol's award-winning Air Tip technology; longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control; and a lightweight paulownia sandwich construction, delivering elevated all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. 


Experience 88         172          135-88-124
Auto Turn Rocker, our most versatile rocker/camber blend, provides powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control while Rossignol's patented, lightweight Air Tip technology enhances floatation and control even further, keeping tips afloat through variable snow while providing instant turn initiation on hardpack and groomers. It's racing DNA meets freeride.


Unique 8 Womens          149     156                  125-75-106
The UNIQUE 8 is an ultra-lightweight high-performance women's carving ski for aspiring expert to advanced skiers. Power Turn Rocker combines traditional frontside power with subtle tip rocker, smoothing turn entry and exit for easier, more playful carving. 


Unique 6 Womens        149     156         123-73-104
The UNIQUE 6 is an ultra-lightweight women's carving ski for advanced to intermediate skiers. Power Turn Rocker combines traditional frontside power with subtle tip rocker, smoothing turn entry and exit for easier, more playful carving.
Temptation 80 Womens         152     160         125-80-114
With the heart of a frontside carver and an easy freeride feel, the Temptation 80 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol's award-winning Air Tip technology; longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control; and a lightweight paulownia wood core construction, delivering elevated all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker, our most versatile rocker/camber blend, provides powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control
Temptation 75 Womens         152          122-75-111
A new benchmark in all-mountain versatility and performance for progressing intermediates to cautious first-timers. With the heart of a frontside carver and an easy freeride feel, the Temptation 75 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol's award-winning Air Tip technology; longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control 
Race Tiger GS   175   Radius - 17.9    Sidecut - 116-70-98
Völkl introduces all-new 'beer league' race skis featuring a new Speedwall 2.0 wood core, with extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall. With a wider footprint, rMotion2, new construction, and the quiet ride of UVO, there's a new way to go fast!
VOE 1415 RT SW GS UVO 08 d38cd028fc
Race Tiger SL   165    Radius-12.7    Sidecut- 123-68-104
This hot new slalom carver features Speedwall 2.0 wood core, with extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall. With a wider footprint, rMotion2, new construction, and the quiet ride of UVO, there may be no more fun way to go fast!
 VOE 1415 RT SW SL UVO 07
RTM 84     176   Radius-18    Sidecut- 129-84-111
The RTM 84 suits good skiers who want smooth, effortless carving on the front side combined with backside float and maneuverability. It carves with ease, but the feel is incredibly smooth, exiting the turn just as effortlessly as it enters. Updated for 14/15, the RTM 84 has a stiffer tip and softer mid-body for an even smoother ride.

 VOE 1415 RTM84 08
RTM 81    176   Radius-18.6   Sidecut- 126-81-108
Building on the success of the RTM Series is the RTM 81, a high performance option for advanced to expert skiers who want to rip up the front side of the mounatin on a lively, playful ski. Our Dual XTD Transmission Sidewall construction is combined with spring steel for a solid, stable, lightweight ride.
 VOE 1415 RTM81 07


RTM 80     171, 176   171: Radius-16.7  Sidecut- 124-80-107   176: Radius-17.8   Sidecut- 124-80-107
The RTM 80 returns with an updated graphic for the advanced skier looking for more bandwidth in a high performance, frontside/ all-mountain ski. Its uncanny blend of carving prowess combined with occasional off-piste capability make it an incredibly versatile option for a huge variety of skiers.
 VOE 1415 RTM80 08
RTM 77     171    Radius- 16.1  Sidecut- 122-77-107
Yet another hot ride in the RTM series is the RTM 77. For advanced skiers who want a frontside ski that can handle some soft snow on a whim, the RTM 77 over-delivers. Our Full Rocker design makes it smooth, silky, and forgiving all at once.

VOE 1415 RTM77 07

RTM 75     173    Radius- 16.8  Sidecut- 120-75-105

 The RTM 75 suits intermediate skiers who want a silky-smooth ski that can handle a variety of terrain and conditions. The 4Motion binding system delivers optimal ski flex, and Progressive Technology with tip rocker makes it more forgiving than intermediate level skis of the past.

VOE 1415 RTM75 07

Volkl V Werks      176    Radius-18   Sidecut- 111-84-129
Imagine taking the award-winning characteristics of the RTM 84 and applying them to a ski that is 15% lighter, and even more stable at high speeds, and you have the V-Werks. Light weight technology that‘s as thrilling as it is beautiful.
VOE 1314 VWERKS RTM Top 05 d3b21073af


CODE UVO RED  175   RADIUS- 18  Sidecut- 122-76-104

 The Code UVO’s unique setup allows us to create a very light weight frontside ski with the smoothness and stability of a titanal construction. Its Xmotion system offers exceptional power transmission.


MANTRA     177    RADIUS- 23.7  Sidecut- 132-100-118 

 The Mantra has long defined the all mountain freeskiing category, excelling in any snow conditions - from powder to ice. Introducing an even wider range of performance, thanks to early taper in the tip, a new 100mm waist width, and Full Rocker. Soft snow performance is improved, with more overall foregiveness, and the edge grip you know and love. The best Mantra EVER.


KENDO    177    RADIUS- 22.6  Sidecut- 126-89-110

The Kendo sets the bar a notch higher for all mountain freeriding, with a 126-89-110 shape and tip rocker. With easy handling on the groomers PLUS great soft snow performance, the Kendo takes any skier from the bowls to the frontside and back with aplomb. Back for 14/15 with a graphic update.


Allura     158    RADIUS-    96-75-125    
Dynamic and fast-reacting on all surfaces the Allura brings together a soft tip rocker shape with Bio-Logic construction to cover an immense range of scenarios. No matter if it's time for a speed run, quick carving turns or big wide arcs, the Allura is always game. Produced with in an ultra-light woodcore xtraLIGHT construction, the ski is wider than its predecessor, Attiva, but weighs less. That expands the potential uses and improves skiing performance.
VOE 1314 ALLURA-Top 05 92a5702ad7
Chiara     155     Radius-15.7   Sidecut- 123-77-97 

For intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for a combination of an exciting front side ride with effortless handling, the Chiara is a dream come true. Its lightweight construction gives the skier both lighter weight and a flatter stance than past models. The most exciting women’s game improvement ski on the market.

Charisma   156    Radius-15.2   Sidecut- 127-79-100
A frontside ripper that can also tackle softer snow on a whim, the Charisma’s shape is 127-79-100mm with tip rocker. Its construction adjusts the skier’s stance by leveling out the profile at the center of the ski. The xtraLIGHT Pawlonia wood core saves weight, and a belt of spring steel provides liveliness and added stability.

Viola    155    Radius- 14.8    Sidecut- 123-74-95
The Viola suits intermediate to advanced women who want to improve their skiing. With 4Motion, XTD Transmission, and a perfect shape, the Viola offers an incredible combination of game improvement and performance all rolled into one.


Kenja     156  Radius- 17   Sidecut- 127-87-106
One of the most popular women’s skis in America, the Kenja features tip rocker and a Bio-Logic shape of 127-87-106. For advanced to expert skiers looking for the ultimate frontside/backside versatility, the Kenja’s massive bandwidth provides unparalleled performance in a variety of snow conditions.

 VOE 1415 KENJA TOP 07

Yumi     154      125-83-103
SKI Magazine‘s Ski of the Year, the Yumi is an all mountain freeride ski with a shape of 125-83-103. For female skiers who want to tackle the front and back side of the mountain on a light weight, yet stable ski that can handle anything - from bumps, to trees, to hard pack - the Yumi is an impressive new ride.
VOE 1415 YUMI TOP 07













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