Rental Procedures

Before your visit, please familiarize yourself with current COVID-19 policies in place.

It is recommended that Rental customers submit an online Rental Request Form at least 24 hours in advance of their visit. This will expedite the fitting process. Otherwise, all rentals are processed on site.

Guests must enter the building from the front door (facing the clock tower) and exit through the slope-side door in the back of the building.  Cubbies are available in the rental building for personal possessions, however it is strongly recommended that you keep your property in your vehicle because re-entry will not be possible when the building is at capacity.
A greeter will be stationed at the front door to guide guests through the process.  If the building is at capacity, the greeter will place you in a queue.  You will be notified by text message when it is your turn to enter the building.  Completing a Rental Request Form in advance greatly reduces wait times.
Once you pay for your rental equipment, you will be shown to a pod for fitting.  Guests must remain in their pods until they exit the building.  Please note there are no restrooms in the rental building.
Rental hours have been expanded to allow for earlier day-of pick up and evening-prior pick up.  The rental building will be open at 8:30am daily for day-of pick up, and from 7:00pm – 9:00pm for evening-prior pick up (on days when night skiing is not offered, evening-prior pick ups are available from 2:00pm – 4:00pm).
Please be advised that ski check will not be available this season.

2020-2021 Nub's Nob Rental Prices

Item1 DayAddl. Day/ Night Only
Adult (13 & Up)  
Ski/ Board Package$45$35
Skis or Board Only$30$25
Boots Only$25$20
Poles Only$10$10
Child (12 & Under)  
Ski/ Board Package$35$30
Skis/ Board Only$25$20
Boots Only$20$15
poles only$10$10
Adult Cross Country or Snowshoes  
full package$20$15
Child Cross Country or Snowshoes  
full package$15$10
All Ages$10$10

A one day rental includes whatever night skiing is available that evening.  There is no night skiing on Sundays or Tuesdays.


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