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Demo Ski Sale FAQ

When does the sale start?

February 14th, 2021

What time does the sale start?

8:30 AM

Will there be COVID limitations?

YES! The lobby is restricted to one customer at a time. Please be prepared to wait outdoors.

Can skis be reserved or pre-purchased?


Can skis be purchased by phone?

Yes, after 12:00 PM.

What model year are the skis?

With very few exceptions, all are 2020/21.

Can I apply my demo fee to the price of the skis?

No, prices are rock-bottom to begin with.

Do I get a free tune-up?

All skis are sold tuned and waxed, no additional tuning is included.

Does the purchase include a binding adjustment and test?


Remaining Inventory (as of 2/24/21)

Völkl Demo Skis

ModelLength(s) Available (cm)
Deacon 84167
Race Tiger GS170
Blaze 94179
Kenja 88149

Atomic Demo Skis

ModelLength(s) Available(cm)
Redster X95169, 175
Cloud 12147

Dynastar Demo Skis

Model Length(s) Available (cm)
Course Master GS174
4x4 82179, 185
M-PRO 90 162
M-PRO 99 170, 178

Head Demo Skis

Model Length(s) Available(cm)
Titan163, 177
Kore 97171
Kore 93171
Kore 83162
E-Speed Pro175

Blizzard Demo Skis

Model Length(s) Available(cm)
Firebird 174
Rustler 9164
Rustler 10180
Sheeva 9 157

Nordica Demo Skis

Model Length(s) Available(cm)
GS Elite180
Sentra 156

Fischer Demo Skis

Model Length(s) Available (cm)
RC4 RC170, 175
RC4 CT175
R 92 TI 178

2020-21 Tune Center Services and Pricing

Olympic Tune- The Gold-Standard of tuning$75
World Cup Tune- Base Grind, Edges and Wax$50
Essential Tune- Edge sharpen and Wax$25
Hot Wheel Wax and Buff$10
Binding Adjustment and Release Check$20
Binding Installation/ RemountTraditional: $40, Pre-Drill/ Track: $30
Race Wax$20
HF Race Wax$40
100% Flouro Race Wax$50
Edge Prep w/ Race WaxAdd $10
Boot FittingHourly and by appointment.
Ski Demo One Pair Only$50
Ski Demo w/ Trade Out$70
Half Day Demo One Pair*$35
Half Day Demo w/ Trade Out*$50

*Half day demo rates are available any day after 12:30 pm, or for night sessions only.


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