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NNR Programming FAQ

NNR offers various training  programs based on a skier’s age, skill and commitment level to training. Age groups are based on how old the athletes are as of Dec. 31. I.E. If an athlete is 14 years old on Dec 31 they would be classified as U16 (Under 16). They are no longer under 14 years of age for the season. Classifications are basically U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19, U21, Sr and Masters.

The foundation for skiing is fundamental skills and the journey begins at the Nub’s Nob Academy level. Please review the programming offered at Nub’s Nob from the top down to our fundamentals based Academy.

What is NNR Comp Team?

The NNR Comp Team program is for those that want the very top high level training at Nub’s Nob. Members of the NNR Comp Team are required to be members of US (US Ski and Snowboard). These US members compete in US Central Division events primarily in US CR3.      How to become a US member.

NNR Comp Team members (U14-Sr) compete against the best skiers in the US Central Division at various sites throughout the Midwest including Championship events. Results from those events may lead to selections for RC (US Rocky/Central Region) projects and competitions and possibly US National Projects and Championships

NNR Comp Team members have exclusive training opportunities at Nub’s Nob and some other possible venues. Many of our members have been MHSAA State Ski Champions in the past along with US Central Division Champions in various age groups and US R/C Championship participants.

What is NNR Sport Team?

The NNR Sport Team program is for those that want advanced high level ski training at the High School, Collegiate and Masters age groups. Primarily U16 and older age groups. These athletes may have opportunities to compete in Non-US level events at various sites.

The training for NNR Sport is 2 nights per week once Nub’s Nob night skiing begins following the December holiday period. NNR sport also offers 2 sessions per day on Saturdays and Sundays when conditions allow. Please check NNR sport team link above for more information and details about add on opportunities including Thanksgiving and the December Holiday camps. Athletes must at least have a basic NNR Sport Team membership to attend the add on projects.

What is JART?

The NNR JART Team program is for junior racers U12 and U14 age athletes. This program offers skills based programming along with high quality gate training at Nub’s Nob. JART = Junior Alpine Race Team

The base JART program is 2 sessions per week. That could be the 2 weeknight program that is one session per night or the Saturday 2 session per day program. You may “add on” to participate in all JART sessions. Please click on the link above for other “add on” options like our December Holiday Camp offering. Athletes must at least have basic JART membership to participate in the Holiday Camp.

NNR JART Team members must be proficient in riding the rope tow on our JB arena training area.

What is Ski Academy?

The NNSA (Nub’s Nob Ski Academy) is all about Fun and Fundamentals. In fact the word Fundamentals begins with the word FUN! The NNSA goals are to provide the most effective outcome of learning to ski while having fun. Skiers are introduced to all aspects of the ski area, including race, terrain park, bumps, and powder.  Ski Academy is where a lifetime of fun begins. This program is primarily for 7- 14 year old athletes based on your age on Dec 31. Please see the NNSA link above for more information.

What is required to be on JART or NNR Sport Team?

  • Must have SL and GS gear including skis, shin guards, helmet and proper winter attire. Coaching staff can help with equipment questions.
  • Must have parent sign a waiver.
  • Must commit to and sign our Code of Conduct.
  • Must be able to properly ride the chairlifts, rope tow and safely ski all Black Diamond runs at Nub’s Nob.
  • Must be at least 10 years old using your age on 12/31/2020, or have approval from the program director. Skiers younger than 10 years of age should consider enrolling in Ski Academy.
  • Must have a valid Nub’s Nob Season Pass or Daily Ticket.


 What is required to be on NNR Competition Team?

  • Meet all requirements above.
  • Must be a US Ski & Snowboard Member in good standing.


Programming questions can be directed to Brewster McVicker, Nub’s Nob Racing Director, at


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