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Valley Road Remote Ticket Shop

This page allows customers visiting Nub’s Nob Nordic Trails from the Valley Road entrance to purchase tickets remotely.  You will be emailed a receipt, which will be your proof of purchase should you be asked to show a ticket by personnel.  By purchasing an online cross-country ticket, you agree to abide by the terms below.

Terms of Purchase

The purchaser and user of this ticket assumes and understands that skiing is a hazardous sport, and that bare spots, variations in snow, ice and terrain along with bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth and debris and rocks and many other hazards or obstacles exist within this ski area.  In using the ticket and skiing at the areas, such dangers are recognized and accepted, whether they are marked or unmarked.  The skier realizes that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result, and therefore assumes the burden of skiing under control at all times.  The management is not responsible for ticket if lost and this ticket may be revoked without refund at any time by the management for misconduct of or nuisance caused by the holder.  Proof of purchase must be in possession of the ticket purchaser at time of use.  By purchasing this pass, I hereby give permission to Nub’s Nob Inc. to use my image and photographic likeness in all forms and media advertising, trade and any other lawful purposes.  This includes any and all images you may have this day taken of me, without further compensation to me.  All film or digital file shall constitute solely property of Nub’s Nob Inc.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Tickets purchased online are valid only during the day of purchase.


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