Bahnhof Race League

Bahnhof Race League is team-based, NASTAR-style giant slalom racing with handicapped scoring.  With lots of tradition and a welcoming atmosphere, the league has been a cornerstone of Nub’s Nob for nearly forty years.


Race League will be an entirely outdoor event this year.  All outdoor aspects of racing will be essentially unchanged, with the exception that a face covering is required for all participants at all times.  Prizes and t-shirts will still be awarded at the end of the season, but no party will be held.  The after-race appetizers will also not be available this year.

A copy of the full 2021 rules is available here.

All participants must complete and submit an electronic release form in addition to their registration.  The registration deadline is 12/1/20.

A .pdf version of the registration form is available here.

Monday Schedule                  Wednesday Schedule                  Thursday Schedule


2020- 2021 Results:

Protests can be made by phone or email to Ryan Moore. 231-526-2131 or [email protected]

Results are final 24 hours after racing.


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