2020-21 Adult Release Form

Nub’s Nob Ski Area Continuing Release of Liability & Indemnity Event/ Competition Release Agreement

2020 - 2021: Adult 18 & Over



I the undersigned, being over the age of eighteen (18) years and being desirous to enter this event/competition, and to utilize Nubs Nob facilities for this event/competition and for skiing, snowboarding and snow sports activities in general, HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE ON ACONTINUING BASIS AS FOLLOWS:


  • I acknowledge that skiing, snowboarding, event competitions and other snow sport activities are potentially hazardous activities that involve many risks and dangers, including but not limited to: injuries that can result from variations in terrain; snow or ice conditions; bare spots; rocks, trees and other forms of natural growth or debris; collisions with ski towers and their components, with other skiers, snowmaking or snow-grooming equipment. I know also that there is a risk of damage to my ski equipment and/or my clothing byparticipating in events/competitions, skiing, snowboarding and snow sports activities in general.
  • I acknowledge that I am the sole judge of my abilities as to skiing and snowboarding and participating in events/ competitions and agree to conduct myself within the limits of my individual abilities and agree not to ski/ snowboard/ compete or participate in snow sports activities in a manner outside of my abilities or in a manner that might cause or contribute to injuries to myself or others, or cause damage to property.
  • I acknowledge and understand that I must inspect the event/ competition elements, terrain, and features before I ski or snowboard/ ride over them to evaluate the risks and degree of difficulty before participating in the event/ competition. I am solely responsible knowing and understanding my ability to participate in event/ competitions. I agree that I will not participate in the event/ competition unless I am completely satisfied with the safety of the conditions.
  • I acknowledge that I am physically and fully capable of participating in ski/ snowboard event(s) or competition(s).
  • In consideration of my use of Nub’s Nob facilities and participating in events/ competitions, skiing, snowboarding and snow sports activities in general, I agree that Nub’s Nob and its employees, officers, representatives, directors, shareholders, agents and vendors or anyone associated with Nub’s Nob will not be liable for the loss, injury or death related to my participation in skiing, snowboarding competition activities, or my skiing or snowboarding activities in general. I hereby agree and release Nub’s Nob from any and all of my activities at Nub’s Nob, including, but not limited to, skiing and snowboarding, events/ competitions, and other snow sport activities.  I agree not to sue Nub’s Nob.
  • In further consideration, I agree to Release, Hold Harmless, Indemnify, and Defend Nub’s Nob and its employees, owners, officers, representatives, directors, shareholders, agents and vendors or anyone associated with Nub’s Nob from and against any and all lawsuits, claims, actions, losses and damages that I have or perceive myself to have against Nub’s Nob, including but not limited to allegations of negligence, carelessness, breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or other duty of care. I further agree to Indemnify, Hold Harmless and Defend Nub’s Nob from damage, costs or expenses, including actual attorney fees and costs, without limitation which Nub’s Nob sustains as a result to or related to any claims that I have or perceive myself to have against Nub’s Nob.
  • I acknowledge that I have read the Skier/Snowboard Responsibility Code and understand the responsibilities it imposes uponparticipants in this inherently dangerous


I have carefully read the above agreement, release and indemnity agreement and understand that it is a contract which applies to all events during the ski season and I acknowledge all of its implications and the contractual responsibility I accept by signing this agreement.  I further agree that this electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent of my handwritten signature on paper.  I will not, at any future time, claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding or enforceable.  I further acknowledge the contagious nature of Covid-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I and/or my child(ren) may be exposed to or infected by Covid-19 by participation; and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability or death.  I understand the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by Covid 19 at Nubs Nob and understand the risk of becoming exposed exists and may result from the actions, omission, or negligence of the undersigned and others, but not limited to Nubs Nob employees and Nubs Nobs guests.



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