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Tech Center Adds Second Tuning Machine

The Nub’s Nob Technology Center is excited to announce an expansion for next season. Building on the incredible success with our Wintersteiger Mercury, we are adding a second automated tuner: the Wintersteiger Scout Plus, making Nub’s Nob the first shop in the Midwest running two automated tuning machines! 

This new machine will be used primarily for our growing race service, allowing for top-end race tuning even on the busiest days. The Scout Plus is designed to accommodate the high demands of today’s race skis and athletes. 

Patrick Dueweke, Tech Service Manager, noted that “While we strive to provide the best tuning for racers, we do not want to diminish our services aimed at recreational skiers. The Scout will allow us to serve both user groups with gusto!”

Our planned unveiling will be at the 2021 Nub’s Nob Open House. Watch for a selection of pre -season specials and plan to get your skis ready for the 2021-2022 season.

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