Ski & Board Tuning Service

The Nub’s Nob Technology Center opened in October 1999 and was the first shop of its kind in the country. It contains our high performance ski demo center, state-of-the-art tune equipment, and ski and snowboard tuning supplies and parts.

The tune center is headed up by Pat Dueweke, a well established professional ski tuner who has previously worked as a lead mechanic for Wintersteiger building and maintaining tuning shuttles. Pat is passionate about skiing and snowboarding with a focus on providing the best tuning solution for each customer. Elite racers, novices, snowboarders and cross country skiers will all benefit from a visit to the Nub’s Nob Technology Center.

To get the most out of the Nub’s Nob Tune Center we encourage you to open up a “Tune Center Membership”. Membership is a simple process where you add funds to an account and drop your gear off for periodic maintenance. Multiple family members can all use the same account.

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Tune Center Services and Pricing

Essential Tune- Edge sharpen and Wax$25
World Cup Tune- Base Grind, Edges and Wax$50
Olympic Tune- The Gold-Standard of tuning$70
Binding Adjustment and Release Check$20
Hot Wheel Wax and Buff$10
Low Flouro Iron and Brush Wax$25
High Flouro Iron and Brush Wax$40
Boot FittingHourly and by appointment.

Check-out our New Wintersteiger Mercury Shuttle!

Wintersteiger Mercury Shuttle Nubs Nob

Meet your skis and snowboards new best friend, The Wintersteiger Mercury Shuttle. This shuttle represents the very best ski and board tuning technology to date. Designed to accomodate all types of skis and boards including nordic, tele, and powder skis. The Mercury truly is an incrediable machine that can structure your bases and sharpen your edges to a precision that has to be ridden to be believed. The veteran racer will appreciate the options our new tuning service accomodates and recreational skiers and riders will remember how good their gear felt when it was brand new. Stop by the shop and see what the Mercury can do for your favorite gear.

State-of-the-Art Tune-up & Service Center

Many people think that only racers and experts need to have their gear tuned, but that is a misconception. Any well tuned snowboard or ski will perform better making the sport more enjoyable and easier. Skis and boards are an investment and should be treated as such. Nobody would drive their vehicle with a flat tire, so why ski or ride with dull edges and no wax? The professional technicians in the Nub’s Nob Technology Center will be able to evaluate your needs and suggest a tune-up that fits your ability and ski type.

“Our goal is to make sure everyone gets the maximum enjoyment from their gear. Not everyone needs a top of the line tune-up. It’s our job to inspect that ski or snowboard and find a tune-up that fits the need and price range of each skier or rider,” said Tune Center Manager Pat Dueweke.

The Nub’s Nob Technology Center also offers seasonal tune memberships for skiers and boarders who like a regular maintenance schedule and have their gear worked on frequently. The seasonal tune memberships are a great way for a family to keep all their gear maintained affordably. Tune memberships can be used on any service in the Nub’s Nob Technology Center.

Racers can find everything they need at the Nub’s Nob Technology Center. We offer a wide assortment of Toko waxes, tools and lifter plates. Racing tune-ups and prep work, competition waxing, buckle and boot repair are just one step from the slopes at Nub’s Nob.

“Your gear has never had it so good!”

The Nub’s Nob Technology Center is also a full service repair shop. Binding installation, release testing, boot repairs and fitting, custom foot beds, and many other services are available. Stop in and let our expert technicians evaluate your skis or snowboard. You will be amazed at the difference well-tuned equipment makes.

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