Corduroy Groomed Snow

Senior 65-69 Season Pass 2023-24

$ 600.00

Ski anytime we are open. This pass is for seniors aged 65-69 at the time or purchase. A copy of the pass-holders ID may be required to confirm eligibility.

Includes unlimited nordic trail use. This pass must be worn while in use. All passes are non-refundable and will be revoked if transferred.

All pass holders must understand, accept and agree to our Adult Release Terms 2023-24 in order to proceed.

Passes are processed and finalized in person at the Main Lodge. 

I have carefully read the agreement available at for adults and for minors, release and indemnity agreement, and understand that it is a contract which applies to all events and snow sports activities in general during the ski season and I acknowledge all of its implications and the contractual responsibility I accept by signing this agreement.


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