NNR Competition Team Membership

$ 1,000.00

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NNR Competition Team is open to US Ski & Snowboard members in good standing who plan to compete at most Central Division and/or FIS events and pursue goals of competing at the highest US Ski & Snowboard levels.


NNR Competition Team Includes:

  • Weeknight Training- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8pm.
  • Weekend Training: Saturday and Sunday from 6:45am to 8:15am and 10:00am to Noon.
  • Competition Team only training sessions.
  • Coaching at US CR3 events at Nub’s Nob
  • Pre-season team meeting on October 11 at 1pm.
  • Guaranteed spot if adding on Thanksgiving or Holiday Camp.
  • Free NASTAR when training after 1pm on weekends.
  • Fall dry-land training- Beginning Sunday, October 11 from Noon to 1pm.
  • Training begins as soon as conditions allow and ends at the close of the season.
  • Exclusive training on Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Exclusive early morning training on Scarface on most non-event weekends.


Weekend Training times will vary depending on race schedule, all training times are subject to change.  


NNR Competition Team does not include:

  • Travel expenses and coaching fees for off-site events. A coaching fee of $60 will be charged for in region overnight events and $30 for off-site events that do not require an overnight stay.
  • Thanksgiving or Holiday Camp (see add-on products)
  • Event entry fees.
  • Equipment
  • Lift tickets or season passes.

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