Online Ticket Sales

Online Ticket Sales

Online tickets must be purchased at least two days prior to their day of use. Tickets purchased online are to be picked up at the ticket window under the purchaser’s name. Online Tickets are not available for pickup in advance, they must be claimed on their day of use. Tickets may otherwise be purchased day-of at the ticket window until or unless capacity restrictions are met.

Customers age 8 & under are eligible for free tickets. 8 & under guests will not be turned away if ticket sales are suspended when they are in a group of at least one adult who has a pre-purchased ticket.

70+ customers can also receive free lift tickets at the ticket window. 70+ customers must show ID. Season passes are also available, which are not affected by possible lift ticket restrictions.

Ticket purchases are non-refundable.  In the event we are unable to open due to events outside our control, vouchers will be issued for unusable tickets.

All ticket purchasers agree to abide by Nub’s Nob’s COVID-19 policies, including any changes that may take effect between the time of purchase and their visit.

Two-Day Tickets

Valid from open until close, including night skiing when available, for two consecutive days.  Two-day tickets cost $15 less than the cost of two single-day tickets when not including at least one day in a holiday period.  Two-day tickets may not be purchased with another discount.


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