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New Lift Coming Summer 2023

There is big news at Nub’s Nob! This summer we will be replacing the Green lift, which has been our workhorse chairlift since 1978.

We are proud to announce that the new lift is being built and designed right here in the United States by Sky Trac. The new lift will be a fixed-grip quad, similar to the existing Green but featuring significant upgrades.

We know what you are thinking: why not a high-speed?

It’s a great question, and one we took seriously. We even partnered with the most respected ski area planners in the nation to conduct an analysis. The results of our study are clear: high-speed lifts don’t make sense at Nub’s. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Actual Speed Uphill: If we replaced the Green with a high-speed lift, ride time would go from five minutes to three. But that is only beneficial during slow times at the ski area. High-speed lifts require twice the chair spacing compared to a fixed-grip lift. This means half the skiers that would be on the chair are now waiting in line. It would reduce the number of passengers sent to the top, which compounds lift lines and wait times when we’re busy. Want to see this for yourself? click on the webcams of any ski area on a Saturday and look at where the lines are.
  • Cost: Chairlifts are expensive, and for good reason. High-speed lifts are considerably more expensive than fixed-grips, costing three times more to install and five times more to maintain. This cost just doesn’t make sense. Especially when we want to stay future-focused and invest in the downhill experience, with things like snowmaking, grooming and future terrain.
  • Skier Congestion: High speed lifts act as a magnet. This means that your average skier is attracted to the idea that they are getting uphill faster, which further adds to the congestion. The result? The trails near the high speed become crowded while the other slopes are under-used.

The only thing we care about at Nub’s is giving you the best Midwestern ski experience possible. Looking at the question from every angle, choosing to build a high-speed lift would not help us do that.

If you would like more information on high-speed vs. fixed-grip lifts, we recommend watching this video from Midwest Skiers.

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