Youth Lessons

Youth Private Lessons

The best way to help your child develop their skiing or snowboarding skills: one-on-one time with an instructor.

Pandas: Ages 5-7

Quality early skier lessons, with groups not exceeding 5 students per instructor.

Kid’s Club: Ages 8-13

Intended for young skiers who have learned basic control and skills, and who want to develop further with their friends.  Group lessons do not exceed 6 students per instructor.

Junior Ski Academy: Ages 5-7

An 8-week program offered on Sundays from 2-4, this group program works with kids of all ability levels in groups of 4.  Limited to 24 students for the year.

Ski Academy: Ages 8-14

Working with the same instructor each week, students work in groups of six to master all aspects of the ski area.  Sessions are two hours, once a week for eight weeks, offered for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedules.


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