Summer Projects Update

Summer Projects Update

While summer has been marching on, here at Nub’s Nob preparations for the 2019-20 ski season are well underway.  A few of the bigger projects we are working on inside include overhauling our network for expanded Wi-Fi service throughout the lodge, and the Brown Bagger is being remodeled complete with expanded cubbies, changing rooms, tables with outlets for crock pots and the like, new seating and a fresh look.

Outside, our friends at Evening Star Joinery have been replacing and expanding the back deck.  The area near the pub exit has been pushed out, with new stair access to the Winter Garden.  We are also in the process of drilling a new well, which will give our Snow Makers even more capacity to get the job done this fall.

Further updates will be given as work is completed.  Stay tuned as we build up to another excellent season at Nub’s Nob!


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