Demo Program

How do you demo skis?
It’s easy! Just stop in the Tech Center, located right at the bottom of the Green lift, and sign up for the day. Try as many as you like – all day long – all tuned, waxed and fitted to your boots by our trained Crew. Nearly 100 pair of high performance skis are just one step from the “Midwest’s Best Snow”, right out the front door of the Nub’s Nob Technology Center. Our expert staff will help narrow your choices and pick the appropriate skis to test for your size and ability. Then it’s up to you!

How much does it cost?
Full Day: $50 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Four Hours: $35
Night: $35

Weekday Demo and Tune Special
Leave your skis with us while you demo and get a World Cup Tune (reg. $50.00) for just $30.00 with a full day demo.

2017-2018 Demo Fleet:

All Skis from the 2017-18 Demo Fleet are sold. Stay tuned for next seasons line-up!

Blizzard Demo Skis

The legendary Bonafide continues to set the bar in the all-mounatin freeride world. A versatile all-mountain sidecut and reduced rocker profile makes this ski nimble and easy handling, while the proven Carbon Flipcore™ with two sheets of Titanal makes them calm, confident and powerful. Attack the mountain in powder, crud, groomers or rock hard snow and feel the precision and exhilaration that athletes and testers rave about.  175, 180.

The Rustler 9 is an all-mountain freeride ski that loves everything the mountain can throw at it. It is founded on two signature concepts, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist concept: the longer the ski, the wider the waist which gives ambitious freeriders and all-mountain skiers more versatility and float, even on steep terrain. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable yet super playful in all snow conditions and on any type of terrain. The Rustler 9 is the one-ski quiver for the progressive all-mountain freeride skier.  172, 180.

The Blizzard Quattro 8.0 CA is an excellent ski for the skier who wants an energetic and stable ski on the groomers. The Sandwich Compound Sidewall IQ Construction grips the snow with ease, even when slopes get a little firm or icy. 4mm of Rocker in the tip and tail engage the ski into turns easily, and provides an effortless exit of turns while the camber underfoot adds rebound. Blizzard’s Suspension System has a polyamide structure built into the ski that connects to an elastic dampener that reduces chatter and absorbs vibrations for smooth and stable skiing.  162, 174, 180.

As the world’s best selling women’s ski, the Black Pearl shines as the versatile, all-around ski offering the ultimate ride through all types of terrain. With a women’s specific Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. construction, the Black Pearl performs on groomers, in the trees, through bumps and in powder. Its lightweight construction, early rise tip and tail, and camber underfoot make this ski a go-to for ripping female skiers as well as those looking for the confidence to up their game.  152, 159, 166.

With a 77 mm waist and 6 mm rocker, the Blizzard Alight 7.7 for women is a forgiving all-rounder in an elegant design. It glides effortlessly even through soft, tracked out groomers. The IQ system ensures smooth handling with less chatter.  153, 167.

The Blizzard Firebird WRC is the top model in the Firebird line and it is best characterized by fasten your seatbelt power and a rock and roll attitude. It is the perfect ski for anyone looking for a precise and ultra stable race style ski that loves long radius, high speed turns. The magic under WRC’s hood are the carbon technologies (C-Spine and C-Armor) combined with a Double Titinal Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction to deliver a ride that dreams are made of. The WRC brings a whole new meaning to the term, “Racers… Start your engines.”  185.

Dynastar Demo Skis

Merging freeride DNA with a versatile, all-mountain waist width, the all-new LEGEND 88 delivers powerful, all-terrain performance through any snow conditions.  Our newest Powerdrive Free construction unleashes smooth dynamic power, playful energy, and ground-breaking grip for the most responsive ski control. The progressive rocker profile and five-point sidecut supply natural versatility, while titanal reinforcement delivers the additional frontside power and stability.  166, 173, 180.

Equal parts power and playfulness, the all-new LEGEND 96 delivers freeride-inspired, all-terrain performance wherever the snow takes you.  Our newest Powerdrive Free construction unleashes smooth dynamic power, playful energy, and ground-breaking grip for the most responsive ski control. A progressive rocker profile and five-point sidecut supply the natural versatility and float, while titanal reinforcement delivers the additional power to charge through any snow conditions.  178.

The SLICER FACTORY is a surfy, freeride twin designed for stomping smooth, easy spins in the backcountry and slashing first tracks.  The Twin Rocker profile provides easy steering, speed control, and float, while Spring Blade technology increases pop and shock absorption for playful freestyle versatility on natural and man-made features.  175.

The award-winning benchmark for on-trail power, precision, and comfort, the SPEED ZONE 12 merges World Cup caliber precision with smooth, responsive ski control for the most comfortable and fluid carving sensations on snow.  Our race-room developed Powerdrive technology unlocks the skis’ natural flex effectively planting the ski to the snow to unleash quiet acceleration, smooth, dynamic power, and unparalleled edge grip.  166, 174.

Merging freeride DNA with a versatile, all-mountain waist width, the all-new LEGEND W 88 delivers comfortable, all-terrain performance through any snow conditions.  Our newest Powerdrive Free construction unleashes smooth dynamic power, playful energy, and ground-breaking grip for the most responsive ski control. The progressive rocker profile and five-point sidecut supply natural versatility to take you anywhere.  159.

A quiver of one for all-mountain skiers, the all-new LEGEND W 84 merges freeride DNA with a modern all-mountain shape for versatile, all-terrain performance.  Our newest Powerdrive Free construction unleashes smooth dynamic power, playful energy, and ground-breaking grip for the most responsive ski control. The progressive five-point sidecut and rocker profile supply natural versatility and a large balanced “sweet spot” for instant comfort in any terrain.  149, 156, 163.

High-performance doesn’t have to mean hard-to-ski.  Designed for women who like frontside groomers, the INTENSE 12 merges our innovative, women-specific construction with smooth, responsive ski control the most comfortable and fluid carving sensations on snow. Active Air Light Core and Powerdrive technologies work in harmony to unlock the skis’ natural flex effectively planting the ski to the snow for silky-smooth stability, dynamic power, and unparalleled edge grip.  149, 158.

A super-charged Masters racing ski, the SPEED MASTER GS features a real-deal, World Cup sandwich construction for rock solid stability, balance, and power.  Our race-room developed, Powerdrive technology unlocks the skis’ natural flex for smooth, dynamic power, edge grip, and the most responsive ski control on snow. The Early Rise rocker profile speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines.  180.

Fischer Demo Skis

Low weight plus stability make the Pro MT 86 TI stand out, thanks to the intricately milled Air Tec Ti core. Leveled sidewalls, known as Razorshape, mean a high level of agility. This ski makes on-piste great fun and offers incredible off-piste experiences. Enhanced by Free Milled Titanium.  168, 175.


Whether it’s turns in extreme powder or tough terrain, the Ranger 98 TI’s combination of Air tec Ti and Carbon Nose gives you maneuverability and stability wherever you go. Aeroshape enhances weight reduction.  172, 180.

Extremely dynamic turn behavior – thanks to DiagotexTM and Triple Radius – makes the RC4 The Curv DTX ski with its bright yellow World Cup base and original Race finish so special. With Free Milled Titanium this ski is made for demanding skiers who push their equipment to the limit.  171, 178.

Forgiving and smooth, the My Pro MT 80 is a perfect companion for women who enjoy occasional off-piste skiing along with on-piste performance design. The fantastic performance of Air Tec and Razorshape guarantees a high fun factor.  152.


Head Demo Skis

My Ranger 85 with Air Tec wood core which ensures easy-going skiing and maintains its outstanding properties. Its balanced flex makes the first turns in powder will make you hungry for more. With Cagreat stability.  159, 166.

Perfection in every turn: the My Curv is aggressive yet smooth in the snow no matter how steep the grade. This means that you can get the most out of every turn in your own way. Featuring the fully optimized technologies Triple Radius and Free Milled Titanium.  164.

The Kore 93 is a very accessible ski for skiers of all levels. And because it is easy to handle in powder, it’s the perfect launch pad into the world of freeride skiing. It’s a versatile ski that is both dynamic and easy-going. That helps you store your energy reserves and enjoy your adventures in the powder even longer. It also makes it the perfect companion for touring: it’s a very light ski and excellent for ski tour descents. But it’s performance on the piste is no less stellar. To sum up: with Kore 93, you feel right at home in any terrain.  162, 171, 180.

Step into a Supershape i. Rally, a performance ski which delivers in any terrain. On-piste, your already immaculate parallel turns will be snappier and even more precise. Edge control has never been easier. The tapering from shovel to waist releases even more speed in the turn. Even in spring snow or ungroomed terrain, you can leverage all of your skills. The easy buoyancy in this ski is a key feature that may come as a surprise to you.  163, 170.

The sun is out. The spring snow is softening. Good thing you have the Supershape i.Titan under your feet: the perfect ski for spring snow. The easy float amazes you time and time again. Its a true performance ski that cuts through any conditions. So you stay in control, in any terrain or any snow conditions. Of course, as an advanced skier you never miss an opportunity to put this to the test as often as possible.  170, 177.

Young or old. Big or small. Lightweight or heavyweight. You name it, the Supershape i. Magnum is a versatile ski that makes you feel at home in any terrain. Thanks to its 72 cm waist, you’ll be impressed by its fun, easy handling. The short radius makes it extremely agile. It all adds up to a perfect high-end performance ski for the ages: step in, head off, feel good.  170, 177.

The V-Shape 6 is perfect for experienced skiers. It’s like finding the friend you’ve always been looking for. A friend who can handle any terrain. A true friend who stays the course, no matter what. You can put the foot down on piste, or smoothly master off-piste terrain. In the process, you will become a better skier.  163, 170.

The Wild Joy is the perfect ski for women skiers with excellent technique and who are young at heart. The construction and choice of materials have yielded an extremely light model. This makes it especially agile, easy to handle and extremely versatile. Whether it’s on a groomed slope or off-piste in the fresh powder: from this day on, fast, snappy turns are part of your daily repertoire.  153, 163.

Terrain is just not an issue here. The Total Joy is the perfect choice to satisfy all your needs, on and off-piste. On piste, it ticks all the boxes for an outstanding carver that craves speed. Off-piste in open terrain, the short radius makes you quick and agile. In any event, the combination of light weight, stability and performance is your idea of a winner. It makes the Total Joy your versatile, multi-talented equipment choice.  148, 163.


Step into the Super Joy, a top-end women’s ski. It’s the perfect expression of your sportive, powerful skiing style. You’ll love the snappy agility and power on the groomed slopes. And as an experienced carver, you have the stability and control to test your limits with steep, powerful turns. The lightweight construction promises energy-saving, all-day carving fun.  158.

The World Cup Rebels i.Speed is the little brother of the World Cup Rebels i.Speed Pro. It features a more forgiving construction with increased edge angles. Therefore, it turns more easily and is more forgiving of errors. Vibration is absorbed better. This gives you a smoother ride and you can launch wider turns. Because you use less energy, you can stay out on the piste all day long, where you can really get the most out of this race ski. And when it comes to fine carving turns, the ski of choice for Franz Klammer is also your dream companion.  175.

Nordica Demo Skis

The incredible popular Nordica Santa Ana 93 is back again and better than ever. This all-mountain ski is perfect for the woman who wants power, control, and versatility on groomers, through crud, across powder, and everything in between. This year’s Santa Ana 93 has been upgraded with Energy 2 Titanium Balsa Construction, and the Blunt Nose Profile will float you across powder and absorb vibrations when you’re really flying down the mountain and it delivers some seriously powerful turns. 153, 161

If you plan on spending most of your time on groomers, but also drift off of them when the conditions are right, you need the Nordica Astral 84. Like the Santa Ana 93, the Astral 84 has a Blunt Nose Shape that initiates turns with ease and absorbs any vibrations you made encounter during your ride. Balsa wood in the construction contributes to this ski’s strength despite it’s lightness. If you want a lightweight and stable ski, check out the Astral 84. 158

The Nordica Sentra S6 Evo is the perfect ski for anyone that considers their “happy place” to be on piste. You’ll turn daydreams about shredding groomers and carving epic arcs into reality with the Sentra S6 Evo.  It’s light, fast, and versatile, and it will help you be your best self on piste all season long. 150, 162

The Nordica Enforcer is back for the third year after solidifying itself as one of the best all-mountain skis in the world. Blast through crud, wind, and ice with ease thanks to the Enforcer’s traditional hard-charging metal and wood laminate construction. The low, progressive rocker profile helps carve up groomers, while the “hammerhead” style taper will help you tear through powder. 177, 185

The Nordica Enforcer 93 wowed the ski world last season with it’s no-holds barred approach to skiing anything in its path. The Enforcer 93 combines a hammerhead nose profile eager to sniff out powder and a rocker profile designed to lay serious turns across the mountain. This skis ignore all speed limits, so sit back and enjoy the ride. 169, 177, 185

The Nordica Navigator 85 is for the skier who wants a well rounded ride on the groomers and only occasionally ventures off trail. Strategic points have been cut out of the ski to reduce overall weight while maintaining strength and performance. The Blunt Nose Performance increases flotation and ease of turn initiation. This highly versatile ski suits skiers of all ages and abilities looking for a smooth, reliable ride. 165, 179

Rossignol Demo Skis

The Pursuit 700 is an easy to ride carving ski from Rossignol. A Prop tip pulls heavier material away from the tip of ski, resulting in a ski that effortlessly rolls into turns, and the Oversized Sidecut ensures you’ll be keeping the grippiest of edges even on the iciest of terrains at high speeds. If you’re looking for a carving ski that isn’t ultra demanding or fatiguing and will give you just about anything you ask for, check out the Pursuit 700. 163, 177

The Rossignol Temptation 80 wants to be with you every step of the way as you  make the transition from greens to blues and blacks. Rossi’s Auto Turn Rocker shape makes carving easy at high speeds while the Extended Sidecut grips into groomers to keep you stable and cruising. This ski has you covered for all things groomers, as well as some variable conditions you may encounter over the course of a season. 152, 168

The Rossignol Famous 10 has one need in life: to carve, carve, carve. The forebody of the ski has drop 50mm of width from its widest point to waist and the tail is proportionally narrow, allowing the ski to roll off the edge smoothly and exit with energy. Don’t try to take the Famous 10 off trail, but if you’re looking to go pretty fast, it’s the ski for you. 163

The Rossignol Experience 88 HD is best for skiers sticking to groomed terrain, but won’t stop performing if you venture into some softer stuff. It is responsive in and out of turns and holds and edge well, and thanks to the Carbon Ally Matrix construction, its overall weight is reduced, which also reduces the fatigue you’d normally experience on a metal ski over the course of a day on the slopes. If you live and breath groomers and want a reliable, responsive ski, check out the Rossi Experience 88 HD. 164, 180

The Sky 7 HD from Rossignol is the perfect ski if you’re in search of excellent soft snow skiing ability and want to be able to carve up the frontside, too. Rossignol’s Carbon Alloy Matrix gives the Sky 7 a solid grip on firm snow and vibration absorption without adding extra weight to the ski. The new Air Tip 2.0 Construction pulls heavier material away from the tip and tail of the ski to lower the swingweight and improve the maneuverability. The Sky 7 HD rides great in the deep snow while feeling edgy and nimble on days where the snowpack is keeping you on the groomers. 180

Powerful, precise, and perfectly balanced, the Rossignol Hero Elite is a recreational slalom ski for technical and race league skiers alike–but don’t let that fool you, this ski puts it up to an 11. Race-room developed Prop Tech provides adaptive torsional flex for improved edge contact and increased control, while Power Turn Rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines. World Cup titanal sandwich construction delivers rock-solid stability. 100% Racing. 176, 185

Volkl Demo Skis

So if you used to spend a lot of time on GS courses and now look to rule the local beer league, or you just simply enjoy skiing fast making big turns, the new Volkl Code Speedwall UVO may be your ski of choice this season. Prepare to make precise, strong, wide turns at high speeds while maintaining incredible stability on these skis. Volkl’s UVO technology provides proven reduction of ski vibrations to further create a smooth and quiet ride with the unique dampening ability, and with a bit of Tip and Tail Rocker you will be able to initiate and exit your turns very easily. 166, 173

The Volkl Kenja is a long-time favorite among women skiers looking for a challenging, versatile, all- mountain ski. With tip and tail rocker and two sheets of metal the Kenja has both a fun, maneuverable side and a more serious, high speed charging side. The ski’s 90 mm waist width offers agility and quickness on the frontside, but also allows for easily flotation on groomers if Mother Nature decides to dump some powder in the middle of the night.  156, 163

Völkl has made what is perhaps one of the best “step-up” skis made for women even better. The new Yumi is a higher top end and a shape more adapted to off-trail exploration. The raised performance ceiling is attributable to the “Titanal Band,” a central platform of metal that gives the new Yumi improved edge grip in the cambered zone underfoot. It also the has a double-rockered baseline and a tapered tip to travel off trail without trouble. If you’re looking to step up your game and invest in your first pair of brand new skis, check out the Yumi. 154

The Flair 81 is the widest ski in Volkl’s Flair collection and is the only one to use Volkl’s innovative 3D.Ridge and 3D.Glass construction techniques.  Volkl also uses carbon to increase responsiveness and energy in and out of turns. The Flair 81 is easily the most versatile of the Flair Collection thanks to this construction and its rocker/camber/rocker profile. It allows you to venture into deeper snow, variable snow, and even some completely ungroomed, off-piste terrain without feeling completely held back or without the ski feeling over-powering. 156, 163

Like skiing groomers fast? Then the Volkl RTM 84 UVO may be your weapon of choice.  The 84 mm waist coupled with a robust construction is ready to push the needle, as you jet down your favorite crusier. The RTM 84 UVO skis like a Volkl does but on a waist width that can tackle the majority of snow types you’d find when skiing groomers, from loose granular to hard pack and all the corn snow in between. It will be fine in bumps and trees, will have no problem ripping a bowl, but it’s home is on the groomed terrain even as it gets chopped up towards the end of the day. 172, 177

The Volkl Kanjo has been designed to be lively, full of energy, yet stable enough for relatively high speed cruising. With an 84 mm waist width, it’s kind of like the Kendo on a diet. The Kanjo holds its edge through aggressive turns, and feels snappier and more energetic than the Kendo. The energy you exit a turn with is immediately used to initiate the next. In softer, more variable conditions the Kanjo has a nice maneuverable feel thanks to the tip and tail rocker and light swing weight. They’re not really wide enough to act as a powder ski, but in just about any off-piste terrain where there isn’t really deep snow their quickness makes them a blast to ski. 168, 175

volkl kendo skis

If the ski world had Oscars, the Volkl Kendo would sweep the field. Like any great actor, the Kendo has assumed many roles during its career, from fully cambered Frontside carver to loosely rockered off-trail specialist. Older and wiser now, the Kendo has settled into a rocker-camber-rocker profile with a 90-mm waist, moving into the middle of the All-Mountain Front skis genre and owning it. The ski adapts to the level of anyone skiing it, and refuses to quit or give up and edge even for the most powerful skier. Volkl has been providing a high level of security for generations, and this year’s Kendo is no different. 170, 177

The RTM 86 is the widest ski in Volkl’s “Ride The Mountain” collection and is best thought of as a wider carving ski. The RTM 86 is a powerful ride that shouldn’t be taken lightly and is incredibly damp, but is still very versatile given its strength and power. If you love carving turns but want a little more versatility out of your ski, check our the Volkl RTM 86. 172

The Volkl Racetiger is a tried and true race ski that has proven itself race after race around the world. With a well-balanced flex featuring full sensor woodcore construction with titanium inserts, the Racetiger has the ability to transfer energy to the edge with ease. Grip remains uncompromised, even in the tightest of turns. The waist and length of this Volkl FIS SL ski allow turns to be carved instantly while maximizing flexibility for ultra-fast edge switching.  175, 185


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