Demo Program | Nub's Nob Ski Area - Northern Michigan

Demo Program

How do you demo skis?
It’s easy! Just stop in the Tech Center, located right at the bottom of the Green lift, and sign up for the day. Try as many as you like – all day long – all tuned, waxed and fitted to your boots by our trained Crew. Nearly 100 pair of high performance skis are just one step from the “Midwest’s Best Snow”, right out the front door of the Nub’s Nob Technology Center. Our expert staff will help narrow your choices and pick the appropriate skis to test for your size and ability. Then it’s up to you!

How much does it cost?
Full Day: $50 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Four Hours: $35
Night: $35

Weekday Demo and Tune Special
Leave your skis with us while you demo and get a World Cup Tune (reg. $50.00) for just $30.00 with a full day demo.

2016-17 Demo Fleet:

Blizzard Demo Skis

Blizzard Bonafide

Want to see what the Bonafide hype is all about? Snap a couple of turns on the renowned ski to feel what has every ski tester raving. This do-everything ski includes a 98mm waist, new Carbon Flipcore, a rocker-camber-rocker profile, and two sheets of metal. The Bonafide is the most versatile ski in Blizzard’s Freeride lineup. You can spend almost everyday next winter on the Bonafide and you won’t regret it. 173 (sold), 180 (sold)

Blizzard Brahma

The Brahma is the go-to ski on days for firm snow conditions. At 88mm underfoot, the Brahma is a narrower version of the award-winning Bonafide. Roll them over on groomers thanks to Brahma’s camber underfoot bookended by rocker in the tip and tail. Have fun blasting through crud or floating on fresh because of Flipcore technology. You’ll be linking turns on this quick, responsive ski all season. 173 (sold), 180 (sold)

blizzard quattro 80 skis

The new Blizzard Quattro W 8.0 Ti is a smooth and stable carving ski for the strong intermediate to advanced female skier. The 4mm of Tip and Tail Rocker makes the 8.0 Ti highly maneuverable, and perfect for slicing short to medium radius turns down the groomers. The Quattro 8.0 Ti has a Suspension System that increases the amount of rebound the ski has and it will absorb vibrations from firm snow to deliver you a smooth and stable ride that is loaded with energy. The Quattro 8.0 Ti is crafted to be more responsive at fast speeds and provide strong edge grip on icy trails. 156 (sold), 162 (sold)

Quattro 8.0 skis

The Blizzard Quattro W 8.0 Ca is a perfect ride for the solid intermediate to advanced skier looking for stability and edge hold. Blizzard’s new Quattro Concept focuses on four key engineering elements, control, stability, precision, and agility. 4mm or rocker in the tip and tail makes the ski highly maneuverable when carving short to medium radius turns. If you are looking for a solid carving ski, with fantastic edge grip, that will not be too demanding, the Quattro 8.0 Ca will be a perfect ski for you. 150 (sold)

blizzard quattro 84 skis

If you live to lay ’em over and leave deep trenches in fresh corduroy, the Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti should be at the top of your wishlist for 2017. Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski easier to handle without sacrificing edge performance, while camber guarantees great grip on packed snow. The Quattro 8.4 Ti features a generous 84-mm waist and a touch of tip and tail rocker (2 mm at both ends), making it ideal for the soft groomers of Western resorts, where it won’t trench too deeply. 174 (sold)

blizzard quattro 74 skis

The Blizzard Quattro 7.4 Ti provides one of the smoothest rides of the entire Blizzard line. The metal in the ski makes it damp and quiet while still retaining plenty of power. The 7.4 Ti uses a 4mm rocker profile which makes turn initiation a bit easier, while also providing a little more stability. If smooth skiing on firm snow is your preferred style, check out the Quattro Ti 7.4. 162 (sold)


Black Pearl Skis

One of the most popular women’s skis on the market, the Blizzard Black Pearl, is back and better than ever for 2017! Blizzard has improved their entire women’s Flipcore freeride line by adding a unidirectional carbon frame that effectively reduces swing weight, increases torsional rigidity, and delivers a smooth, quiet flex.  The Black Pearl is a great ski for women who likely spend most of their time on groomers, but want a ski that will allow them to venture into variable conditions and terrain and still provide a confidence inspiring feel.  If you liked the original Black Pearl, you’ll fall in love with the 2017 version. 152 (sold), 159 (sold)

blizzard cheyenne skis

The Blizzard Cheyenne Skis aren’t shy at all when it comes to delivering above-the-category performance. An excellent choice for the intermediate woman who sticks mainly to the groomed but wants more than a wimpy beginner ski, the Cheyenne has edgehold and stability to spare without losing agility in tight spots and bumps. Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski even easier to handle and increases flotation on powder snow. 156 (sold)

Dynastar Demo Skis

dynastar speed zone 12 skis

Rooted in race technology and developed for hard-snow conditions, the all new DynastarSpeed Zone 12 Ti delivers an entirely new level of ultra-smooth on-trail power, precision, and comfort with a versatile turn shape for technical expert skiers. Featuring our all-new, industry-first “active suspension” technology, Powerdrive works like the chasis of a race car, absorbing changing terrain and eliminating instability, effectively planting the ski to the snow to unleash quiet acceleration, smooth, dynamic power, and groundbreaking edge grip and control. 166 (sold), 174 (sold)

dynastar speed wc master skis

The new Dynastar Speed WC Master is a super-charged Masters GS racing weapon. Early Rise tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while new rounded tips improve swing weight and inertia, putting the ski on edge even faster. New Powerdrive technology works like the chassis of a race car, providing active suspension and eliminating instability to deliver smooth, dynamic power with ground-breaking control and edge grip. Everyone racing against you will be competing for second place. 180 (sold)

dynastar slicer skis

Looking for a ski that can crush open terrain high on the mountain, then stomp big moves in the park on the way down? Check out the Dynastar Slicer, one of the few skis in this category that really delivers on both fronts. A stout poplar wood core surrounded by Sandwich Torsion Box construction and Dual Density Sidewall for bite, this stick really does do it all.  Camber provides increased energy, shock-absorption, and edge grip while moderate tip and slight tail rocker provides instinctive turn initiation, easy maneuverability, and effortless flotation. 175 (sold)

dynastar powertrack 84 skis
The all-new Dynastary Powertrack 89 introduces a new era of all-mountain performance for expert skiers. Moderate tip and tail rocker provides effortless balance, float, and control through variable snow, while traditional camber underfoot retains the power, energy, and edge grip for solid hard-snow performance. Equal parts power and playfulness, maneuverability and control, Powertrack delivers the well-rounded, freeride-inspired performance to make the entire mountain your playground. 172 (sold), 179 (sold)
dynastar powertrack 84 skis
Combining the best elements of modern freeride and all-mountain ski design, the Dynastar Powertrack 84 has a breakthrough new one-ski-quiver that provides a huge sweet spot, keeping you firmly balanced in the driver’s seat across all terrain and snow conditions. Moderate tip and tail rocker provides effortless balance, float, and control through variable snow, while traditional camber underfoot retains the power, energy, and edge grip for solid hard-snow performance. 169 (sold), 176 (sold)
dynastar glory 84 skis

The Dynastar Glory 84 trades off some of the soft-snow and powder flotation of the Glory 89 in return for more quickness edge to edge and stronger edge bite on hard snow. Because it lacks the metal reinforcement of the flagship model, the Glory84 offers a lighter, livelier performance that’s more forgiving and better suited to moderately aggressive skiers. Stop struggling with gear that isn’t designed to handle a variety of conditions and move up to the Glory 84; you’ll find yourself having more fun in more places than ever before. 156 (sold), 163 (sold)

dynastar glory 79 skis

The Dynastar Glory 79 offers more forgiving performance than the two models above it in the Glory line. Targeted at intermediates who spend most of their time on-trail, its built with Dynastar’s Central Sidewalls construction-vertical sidewalls underfoot that taper down into softer-flexing, more forgiving cap construction fore and aft, for intermediate-friendly mellowness at sensible speeds. The tip and tail are tapered, making them looser in the snow, easier to pivot and foot-steer. 159 (sold)

dynastar intense 10 skis

The Dynastar Intense 10 features all-new, industry-first “active suspension” technology, Powerdrive Inside absorbs changing terrain and eliminates instability to effectively plant the ski to the snow, providing groundbreaking edge grip and responsive ski control. New Active Light Core technology with Divinycell substantially reduces weight while providing confident stability and playful energy; Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation and rolls seamlessly edge to edge for playful carving performance. 153 (sold)

dynastar intense 12 skis

A women-specific blend of racing technology and an ultra-lightweight core, the all-new Dynastar Intense 12 supplies an entirely new level of ultra-smooth on-trail power, precision, and comfort with a versatile turn shape for expert women skiers. Voted best Women’s Frontside Ski by the editor’s of On The Snow, this ski is made for advanced rippers in all frontside terrain. 158 (sold)

Head Demo Skis

head rebel skis

The Head WC Rebels i.Speed is built on an ice dicing super narrow waist width (68 mm) with the stiffness and heft required for expert level carving. Its 18 meter sidecut makes it a suitable choice for GS-Style racing. For those who never stop turning, and always turn quickly the WC Rebel i.Speed provides the perfect grip from the first run until the last. 175 (sold), 185 (sold)

head titan skis

The Head Supershape i.Titan is the widest ski in it’s collection. “Supershape” describes the generously wide rockered tip. With an 80mm waist width, it sacrifices a bit of edge-to-edge quickness to gain a measure of soft-snow flotation, making it the logical choice for skiers who typically enjoy groomed natural snow at Western resorts. 177 (sold)

head magnum skis

The Head Supershape i.Magnum is built with the addition of a tip rocker, a relatively narrow 72 mm waist, and tight sidecut making these skis more versatile than ever before. The power, precise edge hold, and unmatched acceleration of these skis is enhanced by the Head PRX 12 Racing bindings. The Supershape Magnum is a great All-Mountain frontside ripper and versatile enough to dominate any intermediate ski course. 170 (sold)

head rally skis

The Head SuperShape i.Rally skis were designed with versatility and performance at the forefront. With a 76mm waist width and Head’s Speed Rocker profile the Rally will make quick, powerful, high speed turns on-piste, but is wide enough to take off-piste and enjoy some fresh snow on the sides of the trails. The SuperShape series has become a favorite among aggressive frontside skiers over the past few seasons. 170 (sold), 177 (sold)

head instinct skis

The Head Strong Instinct Ti skis are a versatile all-rounder designed for mid to high level skiers and will confidently handle any conditions on the mountain, taking groomers, chopped up fresh snow, and bumps in stride. The Strong Instinct Ti features an injected synthetic core reinforced with a dampening layer of Titanal and tough ABS sidewalls, and has a waist width of 83mm.  163 (sold), 170 (sold)

head absolute joy skis

The Head Absolut Joy is built with a 79-mm waist width well suited to soft groomers and an unaggressive attack. This ski is ideal for women of intermediate ability.  A layer of Carbon in the Absolut Joy Ski minimizes chatter and maximizes edge grip on ice. The Power Sidewall Jacket Construction also contributes to giving you edge hold that you can rely on, allowing for power and control, bringing a smile to any improving skier’s face! 158 (sold)

head great joy skis

The Head Great Joy will be quicker and edgier for softpack applications, a likely daily driver for women who ski primarily in Western locales. The Great Joy is built with a 98mm waist on a wood core, for maximum durability and high-speed responsiveness. These skis are rockered in the tip for soft-snow flotation, shock absorption, and mellow turn initiations with low camber from the forebody back. 158 (sold)

head total joy skis

The Head Total Joy is a super-light women’s all-mountain midfat, with an 85mm waist width. It’ll gladly split its time carving soft-groomers and venturing off-trail in soft-snow conditions for performance that will have you chillin’ even when you’re rippin’. The Head Total Joy combines a moderate tip rocker with underfoot camber that will take you from the backside to the frontside with easy flotation and edge-gripping power.  153 (sold)

Fischer Demo Skis

The Ranger series appeals to the adventurous all-mountain skier looking for a dynamic, lightweight ski that does everything well. The Ranger 98 is a fun, light weight ski that blends playfulness and stability, and allows you to rip it up in the front or back. The edgehold is excellent on harder snow, but this ski is designed with variable soft snow in mind.

156 (sold), 180 (sold)

The Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC is a softened version of the RC4 Worldcup RC Pro. the RC4 is a GIant Slalom oriented ski with a foot performance but with a lower technical profile. It excels at aggressive, fast lines; its finely tuned geometry delivers awesome power transfer in short and medium turns. The Racetrack plate ensures smooth, even ski flex, which allows for more consistent contact between ski edge and snow surface, thus maximizing precision and minimizing energy loss.

165 (sold), 175 (sold)

The Ranger W 98 is the widest offering in Fischer’s new women’s free ride line, and is made with a carbon tip and their light Air Tec Ti core, resulting in a light ski that still offers sufficient stability. The Ranger 98 has a good amount of rocker in the tip, slightly less in the tail, and camber underfoot. It performs well in soft and consistent snow, and is a blast to carve on. If you’re not looking to ski too aggressively in firm or variable, conditions, the Ranger W 98 is a great option as a single ski for the resort and backcountry.

156 (sold), 164 (sold)

The Ranger 90 Ti skis bring Fischer’s impeccable quality and performance to the all-mountain skier looking for versatility. As with all the skis in the new Ranger Ti series, Fischer has gone to great lengths to make this ski lighter without sacrificing stability. Smooth and confident on hard snow and groomers, the mild rocker profile lets you get up and play happily when there’s a foot of fresh snow, too.

179 (sold)

Nordica Demo Skis

nordica energy skis

The NRGY 100 is a likely choice for everyday duty in typical Western resort conditions, where it’ll be as happy on powder days as it is carving up the softpack on days between dumps. By strategically removing specific portions of Titanal, the torsion bridge provides the performance of metal without the sluggish weight. Combine this technology with an all wood core and you get a construction that is extremely lightweight yet strong, inspiring confidence in all conditions and terrain. 169 (sold)

nordica gt 80 skis

The GT 80 Ti Evo is made up of a wood core sandwiched between two titanal torsion bridges, harnessing the power and confidence of metal at a lighter weight, which provides a smooth and stable ride wherever you ski. This ski is designed for hard snow enthusiasts, offering maximum power and edge grip with the ability to carve through it all effortlessly, from the early morning corduroy to the afternoon crud. 180 (sold)

nordica gt 80 ti skis

The GT 76 Ti Evo is a mid-level model in the new GT series of narrow-waisted frontside carvers. As it’s name implies, the Ti version contains two full sheets of Titanal for high-speed vibration dampening and torsional rigidity while reinforcing its full wood core. The nearly-full-length camber gives them edge grip and rebound energy, while a touch of tip rocker makes turn entries less abrupt and helps for drifting and feathering arcs at high speeds. 174 (sold)

nordica gt 76 skis

The GT 76 Ca EVO is a mid-priced, mid-performance model in the new GT series of groomed-snow carvers.  It’s built with a full wood core construction, for durability and responsiveness, and includes full-height, full-length vertical sidewalls for edge power.  The GT 76 Ca EVO provides confident stability and edge grip with a smooth and forgiving feel.  168 (sold)

nordica dobermann skis

We introduce the Dobermann GSR, one of the fastest and most powerful skis in this Nordica line. Now, with the addition of a carbon race bridge in the tip and tail allowing for increased torsional stability, power, and edge grip. You can plan on dominating the hard snow terrain with a new level of confidence and speed. 176 (sold)

nordica enforcer 1 skis

The Enforcer includes a full wood core with two sheets of metal over the edges providing top end power transmission, torsional stability, and edge grip for a ski that is all about performance, durability, and playfullness. This ski blends the easy-smearing looseness of a slight-twin profile with the burly, directional feel of a full-sidewall, metal-reinforced construction. 177 (sold)

nordica enforcer 93

Capable of obliterating crud, railing down groomers and even floating freshies, the Enforcer 93 boasts an All-Mountain camRock profile for easier turning and on-piste performance; no area is out of this ski’s jurisdiction. The Enforcer 93 is a daily driver that is built for experts that demand a precise feel in a lighter weight package. 169 (sold), 177 (sold), 185 (sold)

belle 88 skis

The Belle 88 is a ski for women who seek the perfect balance of lightness and performance. It is a fantastic ski that is fully capable of tackling any condition for the intermediate to advanced skier. An 88mm waist is very nimble for edge to edge carves; but has the girth to roll over crud, and float in light powder.The Balsa Core provides a strong and damp metal like feeling which allows skiers to rip through any conditions. 153 (sold)

nordica belle 84 skis

The Belle 84 is made for women who seek the perfect balance of lightness and performance, featuring a wood core to reduce weight and stiffness making them nimble and stable. Its lightweight balsawood core provides a stable metal like feel for hard snow conditions, while it’s lightness reduces fatigue and increases versatility. 161 (sold)

nordica sentra skis

Balsa wood core sandwiched between two sheets of carbon gives you confident stability and edge grip with a smooth forgiving feel on the Sentra S5. Designed to be a hard carver, this ski is sure to perform on any condition or trail that you put it up against.  Quick edge to edge with a tight turning radius, the Sentra S5 will keep you wanting to go faster and carve harder than ever before.
162 (sold)

nordica santaana skis

The Santa Ana 93 is a ripping ski for ladies that will charge through any condition on the mountain. The Balsa Core has a microlam design just for women to be powerful, but light on your feet, and will not cause extra fatigue. A slight amount of rocker in the tail will give you an easy release from carves and will improve the maneuverability in the fresh snow. If you want to blow in like a winter storm, make sure that you have the new Nordica Santa Ana 93 on your feet. 161 (sold)

Rossignol Demo Skis

rossignol hero elite skis

The Hero Elite LT is built with a curvy sidecut that includes a slightly rockered wide Cascade tip and flat tail. Prop Tech technology appears as three longitudinal cuts in the ski’s forebody, designed for easier torsional flex. The Hero Elite LT is the perfect ski for race league skiers who want something they can rely on to rip the gates and also burn up the groomed snow under the chair. This is not a ski for intermediates or anyone who wants to space out on a mellow cruiser once in awhile. 183 (sold)

rossignol heromaster 18 skis

Built with a powerturn rocker the Hero Master 18 gives explosive power, boost and edge grip for faster, smoother turn initiation making your trip on the mountain way more playful. The oversized sidecut provides powerful edge grip and precision for increased stability. The adaptive torsional flex absorbs changing terrain and the cascade tip makes for lighter swing weight for quick turns! 175 (sold)

rossignol sky 7 skis

The Sky 7 HD will take your riding from standard to high definition in the blink of an eye. Incorporating an air-filled tip and tail for concentrated power and reduced swing weight, along with a vibration dampening, powerful carbon basalt weave, the Sky 7 HD Skis are easy-going all-mountain freeride skis that aren’t afraid to turn it up to 11 when the getting is good. 172 (sold)

rossignol pursuit 700 skis

The Pursuit 700 is a fantastic carving ski for the strong intermediate to expert skier looking for smooth and quick turns on the frontside of the mountain. A Poplar/Titanium Core delivers power and stability no matter your size. Prop Tech Construction uses an adaptive torsional flex that absorbs to different contours in the snow for better edge grip and responsiveness. An Oversized Sidecut allows you to dip and dive into turns quickly and efficiently. 163 (sold), 177 (sold)

rossignol sassy 7 skis

Built with an award-winning blend of versatility and float, the all-mountain Sassy 7 skis supply lightweight agility and enhanced durability for hard-charging women. Powder Turn rocker delivers fatigue-free maneuverability, effortless steering and instant speed control, making powder skiing easy and fun. Sassy 7 skis are built for adventurous women who ski lots of powder and like to venture off the beaten trails. 160 (sold)

rossignol experience 80 skis

Soft-flexing and lightweight, the Experience 80 is built for light, quick, forgiving performance, with just enough width to venture off-trail in search of soft snow. These skis are designed for maximum versatility in all terrain and snow types that resort skiers encounter. The ski won’t feel hooky or unmanageable at low speeds and edge angles, but when pushed to higher speeds and edge angles the sidecut engages more edge for maximum stability. 168 (sold)

Rossignol experience 84 skis

The Experience 84 is built using a Carbon Alloy Matrix to increase the grip on the snow, stability, drive, and responsiveness of the Experience 84, without adding any extra weight, or making it more challenging to ski. If you are searching for a ski to carve with the best of them on the frontside of the mountain that will not break the bank, the Experience 84 HD will be a great ski for you. 178 (sold)

Rossignol Experience 88 skis

Built using basalt and carbon fiber in a diagonal weave that increases the vibration absorption, edge grip, stability, and responsiveness, taking a great ski and only making it better. The Experience 88 HD also boasts the Auto Turn Rocker that has a rockered tip, camber underfoot, and a small amount of rocker in the tail, for a highly maneuverable ski. If you are searching for that perfect ski that rips carves at any speed in a cool and precise manner, the  Experience 88 HD is the right fit. 172 (sold)

Famous 6 skis

This committed women’s on-trail ski delivers exhilarating yet accessible, hard-snow performance to advanced to intermediate frontside skiers. Combining Prop Tip technology for ultra-light swing weight and quick, easy turn initiation with our subtle Power Turn Rocker tip, the FAMOUS 6 engages turns with ease, encouraging playful, effortless carving across the fall-line while providing traditional frontside power and grip. 149 (sold)

Famous 10 skis

The Famous 10 is a committed women’s on-trail ski that delivers exhilarating hard-snow performance to expert and advanced frontside skiers. Power Turn rocker profile and Prop Tip technology deliver ultralight swing weight, ultra-quick turn initiation and explosive power to snap fast, confident turns. With a reduced weight this ski will provide fatigue-free agility, power and hard-snow performance for smooth-cruising, frontside fun. 156 (sold)

Temptation 80 skis

The Temptation 80 offers elevated all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker blends powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control while patented Air Tip technology enhances flotation and control even further, keeping tips afloat through variable snow and providing smooth turn initiation on hardpack and groomers. It’s everything you need for the ultimate one-ski-quiver. 168 (sold)

Temptation 84 skis

With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and effortless freeride feel, the TEMPTATION 84 is the all-mountain benchmark for expert to advanced skiers. Now featuring revolutionary Air Tip technology; a versatile blend of rocker and camber; and a lightweight, carbon-enhanced paulownia sandwich construction, the Temptation 84 offers award-winning all-mountain versatility across all terrain and snow conditions. 154 (sold)

Temptation 88 skis

For a hard charging lady that cannot make her mind up between piste, powder, and everything in between, Rossignol created the Temptation 88. Intended for those who spend half their time on piste and the rest off trail freeriding. Born on the race course but raised by freeriders, this ski features explosive pop for edge to edge performance while its auto turn rocker allows for effortless maneuverability. 164 (sold)

Volkl Demo Skis

volkl race tiger skis

The Racetiger GS Speedwall features a vertical sidewall construction combined with a streamlined shape, to deliver an incredibly fast, easy ride for the expert skier and night league racer alike. The Racetiger GS Speedwall Ski delivers a genuine advantage through torsion box construction, a denser core along the ski edge which increases edge hold, and UVO Technology (a dampening device built into the ski), along with a slightly rockered tip.  These attributes provide quicker turn initiation, super-fast edge changes and incredible stability. 175 (sold), 185 (sold)

volkl rtm 86 skis

The RTM 86 allows advanced to expert skiers to Ride the Mountain like never before with innovations that combine to create a new performance standard. All design elements have been exhaustively engineered for frontside skiing, including an Extended Tip and Tail Rocker design. This ski allows for flotation that keeps it from trenching too deeply in soft snow, but its forte is long, high-speed arcs on hardpack. Its wood core is reinforced with two sheets of metal for optimized edge grip and calm stability at speed. 172 (sold), 177 (sold)

volkl rtm 84 skis

The RTM 84 puts the skier in total control of the front side of the mountain. From hard snow to the occasional off-piste adventure, Völkl engineers have created the performance standard that advanced to expert skiers will feel and enjoy on every turn. XTD Tip and Tail Rocker promote turn initiation, and maintain the RTM 84’s ability to smoothly link turns at all edge angles. Marker’s WideRide toe piece continues to pair well with the RTM’s, giving you a leverage advantage that keeps fatigue at bay. 167 (sold), 182 (sold)

volkl 90 eight skis

The 90eight is built with a raised ridge down the middle of the ski for strength allowing for a slimmer, lighter feel and more sensitivity over the edges, making it lighter and quicker to edge. The 90eight is built with a wood core for snappy performance and durability. It is also rockered in the tip and tail with camber underfoot for positive edge grip and more traditional feeling rebound energy. 170 (sold), 177 (sold)

volkl code speed wall skis

The Code Speedwall L UVO is built for the highest speeds on typical resort-groomed conditions. The sidewalls are backed by extra-hard wood down the edges of the core and the sidewalls are waxable for enhanced glide and speed. Volkl added a vibration dampening module (UVO), which is designed to quiet the ski at speed, allowing the edge to track smoothly and cleanly. All are full-wood-core, torsion-box constructions, for optimal torsional rigidity. 171 (sold)

volkl kendo skis

The Kendo is admired for its blend of go-fast stability and go-anywhere versatility. It’s burly, full-metal, full- sidewall, wood-core layup gives it the dampness, power, and accuracy you expect from a Kendo. A touch of taper in the tip and tail gives it an ease and quickness that pleasantly surprise. Its long sidecut radius loves GS arcs at high speed but doesn’t insist on them. 163 (sold)

volkl flair 81 skis

The Flair 81 is a high-performance carver, it is a likely choice for soft, velvety Western groomers and softpack, where it won’t trench too deeply. A raised ridge down the center of the ski allows the ski to be thinner, lighter, and more sensitive over the edges without sacrifice of torsional or longitudinal stiffness. It’s built to be an eager, can’t-miss carver, but a touch of tip and tail rocker makes it easy to skid and pivot for speed control and smooths out bumps in the terrain. 156 (sold)

volkl 90 eight w skis

Looking for a lighter all mountain ski that is as adept at handling fresh snow as it is cruising the corduroy? The 90Eight W Skis might just be the right call. With their distinctive topsheet contour that drops a bunch of weight and results in a supremely maneuverable ride to the pop and life that drives you from turn to turn, the 90Eight W is a one-of-a-kind ski that spearheads the new movement toward lighter alpine gear. 163 (sold)

volkl kenja skis

The Kenja has been outfitted with a bit of tip taper, and discrete rocker at the tip and tail which are intended to make the ski easier to initiate and more playful while maintaining it’s legendary precision and power. the Kenja is not for the faint of heart, but perfect for the technically sound rider who knows the difference between a clean carved turn and a skidded one. 156 (sold), 163 (sold)


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