Blue Chair Raffle Results

Blue Chair Raffle Results

The Blue Chair raffle has been drawn, with the following 25 lucky season pass holders eligible to purchase a piece of Nub’s Nob history:

Ann Borgen, Ashley Brainerd, Janice Elliot, Nathan Engstrom, Danny French, Richard Gedert, Andrew Genthe, Marc Green, Blake Grissom, Justin Gusick, Dan Harris, Suzanne Holmes, Katie Juneau, Meagan Keat, Nathan Land, Matt Loria, Mike Loria, Bill Mason, David Mengebier, Ed Molitor, Jeff Obeshaw, Mark Pernoud, Jason Septic, Bill Simonson, Chris VanWormer.

Congratulations to all of you!  Everyone whose name was drawn has until Friday, June 5th at 12 noon to confirm whether they would like their chair nor not.  Any unclaimed chairs will be re-raffled.

Chairs must be picked up by appointment only.


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